Jordan Drummond




Our Group Account Director, Jordan, is glad Melbourne is reopening post-COVID so she has an excuse to whip out a suit again. A stickler for detail, Jordan has been providing clients with her undivided attention since joining Bullfrog in 2019.

Jordan has degrees in two unrelated fields but jumps at the chance to don her law hat for Bullfrog office lease negotiations. She also moonlights as a contributor for Fashion Journal, just so she can give her opinions on why influencers pose with their leg in the air or belly button rings.

With a decade of experience in fashion and retail, Bullfrog Jordan headed up marketing teams prior to joining Bullfrog. Since following Dalton’s yellow brick road into Ad Land, she hasn’t looked back.

When she’s not wrangling client’s attention, Jordan works on Bullfrog opps and culture plays. She is, by all accounts, the glue that holds the Bullfrog Army together.