Dalton Henshaw




Dalton Henshaw, the self-pronounced Chief Entertainment Officer and founder of Bullfrog, has a story that not many could mirror.

Having cut his teeth in the rag trade working for the family, he was instilled with a hardened work ethic and business acumen early on. This persistence, diligence and commitment carried through to his football years before a severe injury stopped his AFL dreams there and then. A smart man once told him not to keep all his eggs in one basket, and he had listened. He turned his attention to his fast-growing digital publication, which entertained an engaging community of over 100 thousand Australian men.

Using his charisma and understanding of business value, he developed close relationships with multitube or brands including Hugo Boss, Mercedes Benz and Penfolds, to elevate their brand through tailored content he created and distributed across the publications many channels. Having great success in this, he turned his attention to his next venture, Bullfrog, and born was a creative agency that grew from two staff to twenty in the space of two years. Under his leadership, Bullfrog’s growth has only just begun with Dalton’s eyes firmly set to become a household name within the Australian advertising community. When he is not cracking bad jokes in the office, he is either training for an Ironman, walking his two dogs, Bill and Ben, or spending time with his flame and greatest support, Laura.